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Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the area surrounding Ann Street Inn, here in historic Beaufort North Carolina, surely knows about the nearby lighthouses. From Bodie Island, to Currituck, with Ocracoke and Hatteras alike and not to leave out the closest to us, both physically and in our hearts, the wonderful Cape Lookout lighthouse. […] Read more

Jul, 21, 2015


Rainy Day Blues

For those that follow us here at the Ann Street Inn and maybe live near to our area, we want to apologize for what we’re about to discuss. You see, as of this writing it’s kind of a sore subject and you might be wondering why we have to kick you while you’re already down. […] Read more

Jul, 15, 2015


Teens VS. Togetherness

For those of you without kids, you can go ahead and skip this one if you want but if you’re smart you may want to read on and take some notes for possible future reference. The thing about a family vacation is that all parties tend to have an “idea” of how it should go […] Read more

Jul, 09, 2015



It’s no secret at the Ann Street Inn that we’re in business with the hopes that you’ll have an enjoyable and pleasant time during the course of your stay with us. Be it for business, a long weekend or the entirety of your vacation we want you to have such an enjoyable time that, naturally, […] Read more

Jun, 22, 2015



At Ann Street Inn we’re no strangers to the same stereotypes that any other Bed and Breakfast is faced with. For those who already know us here in Beaufort, or from another stay elsewhere, we’re proud to lay some of those stereotypes to rest though. With tv and movies, or be it just a general […] Read more

Jun, 16, 2015


First Things First

Everyone does it different but we’re willing to bet that you have a specific routine of things you do once you arrive to your destination on vacation. Maybe you unpack first, or maybe it’s getting some solid rest after a long day of travel? Maybe you put on a bathing suit before you even left […] Read more

Jun, 09, 2015


Know Your Vacation Destination

We know half the fun of vacations is the surprise element. Eating at new places. Going to new sites. Trying new activities you’ve yet to experience. Even if it’s not “new” for all of the above, the fact that these elements are so infrequent is what makes them so enjoyable. As a child we visited […] Read more

Jun, 03, 2015



Most folks feel like they already know they’re significant other. Whether you’ve been together for awhile or just started dating, if you’re together at all it’s because you like what you know about that person. That in mind, we’ve seen almost every combination of the aforementioned over the years and we do know vacations can […] Read more

May, 28, 2015


Want to Keep Your Spouse Happy?

We may have misled you a bit with that title. We don’t have some magic answer that’s the perfect recipe to always keeping yourself out of the doghouse. However, like any good recipe we do have the knowledge of a few ingredients that sure don’t hurt matters. So let’s share our spin on what works […] Read more

May, 07, 2015


Packing Essentials: Priority vs Quantity

When it comes to packing for a vacation getaway, it’s easy to want to pack everything in your suitcase that you can and then throw the kitchen sink on top. In reality, you can’t fit everything in just a few bags and even when you do it’s inevitable that you’ll feel like you still forgot […] Read more

Apr, 29, 2015


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