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Want to spend an incredible day exploring the beautiful waters from Beaufort to the Cape Lookout National Seashore without any worries or distractions? Ann Street Inn has made a special price arrangement with Lookout Adventures that is offered only to the guests of the Inn! Charter a Private Boat with a friendly ( but, not annoying ) local Captain. Only you on the boat, and the itinerary is totally up to you. Fully permitted to take you anywhere in the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Exploring, Swimming, Snorkeling, Private Beaches, Shelling,, Birding, Sightseeing, Historic Landmarks & more...

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Private Dolphin Watch | Guaranteed

This trip is available from November to May, and is about as good as it gets for “off-season” fun & relaxation. The Lookout Adventures vessel is perfect for a relaxing and intimate cruise in the winter months because the pilothouse helps protect you from any wind or cold. Just dress warmly and you'll be perfectly comfortable.

The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin show up in huge pods during the winter, spending their time in the inland bays & rivers calving and rearing their young. 

We'll get you up close and personal for your own dolphin encounter that you'll remember for a lifetime. And, the captain is well versed in the biology and behavior of these super intelligent mammals.

If, for some reason we are unable to find dolphin, then you would receive a rain check for $100.00 off any future trip with Lookout Adventures, whether it's a Fishing Trip, Dolphin Watch or Adventure Charter.

Private Dolphin Watch | $195.00 | 2 Hours | Time can vary to fit your schedule

  • Your group will be whisked off on an adventure that you'll remember for years to come.
  • The Cape Lookout area will be your playground while the captain will entertain & educate with local history & folklore, fascinating facts about the local flora & fauna, and dropping you off at wild & scenic locations along the way.
  • Have your own personal boat & Captain at your disposal
  • COMPARE the cost of owning a boat with the cost of chartering with us, along with the pros & cons of each, and we think you'll see that chartering with us is a great bargain.
  • Easily see availability and BOOK ONLINE!

Why charter with Lookout Adventures?

The Lookout Adventures vessel is a large and roomy pilothouse version that can easily handle 6 guests in addition to her crew. The cockpit is very well protected from sea & spray, and much of the boat is shaded. There is ample seating for every single member of your party, and up front is a fully enclosed cuddy cabin where all your belongings, towels, cell phones, etc... can be safely stored with no chance of getting wet. 

You'll definitely appreciate the many advantages of our vessel from the minute you step on board for your charter, and as the day winds on, you'll realize how nice it is to not be sunburned, sea-sprayed, tired, wet or worn out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost if we only have 2 people? or 4 people?
A: The price is the same - the boat will be private, just for you two and the cost would be $189.00

Q: Will there be any other people on the boat?
A: Just your group and the captain. The trip is designed to be just for you!

Q: Can we bring a cooler with drinks and snacks?
A: Absolutely! You can bring whatever you like. Alcohol is fine, in moderation.

Q: But, it's the winter?? Won't we be freezing?
A: Not at all. There are many incredibly beautiful days out on the water, and the pilothouse has plenty of shelter to keep you out of the wind & cold. Just wear a jacket, bring a warm hat, and you'll be fine.