We know half the fun of vacations is the surprise element. Eating at new places. Going to new sites. Trying new activities you’ve yet to experience. Even if it’s not “new” for all of the above, the fact that these elements are so infrequent is what makes them so enjoyable. As a child we visited the same place every year and would often go to the same places for dining and activities just the same. That was our ONE time of the year to enjoy them though, which is what makes the memories so special. So we know as well as anyone how fun the “adventure” of a getaway is supposed to be. However, we also know that technology is more advanced today than it has ever been and the ability to familiarize yourself with an area is easier than ever too.

We don’t believe that everyone is the type who needs or even wants to plan every aspect of their vacation. By all means, that’s not what we’re suggesting either. However, if you’re able to do a little homework beforehand, why not use that to your advantage? Start with where you’ll be staying, (extra points if it’s in Beaufort NC at this lovely little Inn on Ann Street we’ve all heard about). From there it’s easy to work your way out. Check out restaurants and shops in walking distance, maybe there’s some sites worth seeing nearby. Walking distance isn’t always ideal, but if there’s nifty sites you’re able to walk to, you’ll gain not only convenience but a sense of adventure as well.

In the same breath that you want to research the nearby area for cool things to do, it’s worth the prep work to avoid some places. Let’s be honest, not every place and stop on your vacation is going to be the end all be all, best thing ever. Again, the “un” -familiarity is what makes the vacation an adventure, but don’t you want to avoid the hum-drum if given the option? During your same batch of research for the good places, make a list or mental note of the not so good. Check out customer reviews and local feedback on a place beforehand. It’s not worth completely writing an establishment off if you come across a single “bad” review, as anyone can have an off day. It’s worth mentioning the downside to the easily accessible technology we’ve been discussing, is that anybody who demands the unthinkable and doesn’t get their way, can now post a scathing review for the world to see. So keep in mind, one negative light may equal thousands of overly satisfied customers but if there’s a trend of legitimate concerns that are relative, (basically recent problems, less than a few years old), that seem to continue throughout your research…it might benefit you and your overall enjoyment to just avoid.

Overall, you can’t prepare for everything so don’t overthink our suggestions. It’s just a guideline to help you mentally prepare before you actually arrive on location. In our experiences, it’s worth mentioning the locals as well. Nobody will know, or be more honest of their opinions of a place than the folks who live and breathe it everyday. Beaufort is probably as good an example as any with all of this. Our location lends itself to many wonderful sites/establishments within walking distance, not to mention the variety of said choices. Things like our Maritime Museum and Historic Grounds in addition to all the great restaurants and shops on the nearby waterfront. So fire up your search engines and get a list of things that peak your interests. Chances are when you get here we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much fun to expect.