At Ann Street Inn we’re no strangers to the same stereotypes that any other Bed and Breakfast is faced with. For those who already know us here in Beaufort, or from another stay elsewhere, we’re proud to lay some of those stereotypes to rest though. With tv and movies, or be it just a general lack of experiences, we understand why some folks would think some things to be true. Let’s take a minute to set the record straight and let you in on what you think you know about your friendly B&B.

First things first, we’re not hiding. We understand one of the perks of staying somewhere like the Ann St Inn vs a hotel is the extra privacy you get from a more low key type of atmosphere. We’re happy to chat with you when the setting is right but let’s be honest, the bonus of an establishment such as ours is the lack of hustle and bustle that you get in traditional vacation scenarios. We just respect the effort you made to avoid such a situation and prefer to give you your space.

Another myth is that we’re all super expensive. At this point you’ve probably checked out our rates and if not wander on over as soon as you’re done reading to see for yourself. As you will notice our rates are easily comparable if not better than larger resorts because of the fact that we’re smaller. We do have times that are a more costly than others but that shouldn’t be a surprise or any different than anywhere else as holidays and peak seasons don’t change just for us. If staying at a bed and breakfast has never been an option before, hopefully finding out that we’re reasonably priced helps open up your choices if not help you maybe make the choice to stay if you’re a first timer.

The last misconception we’ll touch on are the rules. How many times have you watched a movie or television show and the patron comes back to the inn a little too late, missing curfew, and presumably getting themselves “locked out”? This couldn’t be any farther from the truth when it comes to real life. Sure we don’t want you swinging from the chandeliers and setting fireworks off inside while other guests, (and possibly the innkeeper, depending on where you’re staying), are fast asleep in their own rooms. How is that any different than anywhere else though? We’re not party poopers, we promise, we can probably show you a better time than if you went at it alone if you’d let us but obviously there are a few guidelines that you’ll need to follow. Good news is that none of the rules are unreasonable and we’re actually on your side with this, we want you to have a great time too.

In the end we’re not rich, nor are we doing this as a hobby, this is a business and we have things we’ve got to do to make sure it stays running. We are however hoping to make this a wonderful time for you and hope that you’ll come back again in the future. We started doing this because we like dealing with people, enough so that we opened up our home essentially to allow others to enjoy. So although there may be misconceptions about staying at the Ann Street Inn or any other B&B, and as funny as the fictional stories you’ve heard/seen all are…nothing compares to the pleasure and enjoyment of the real thing.