For those that follow us here at the Ann Street Inn and maybe live near to our area, we want to apologize for what we’re about to discuss. You see, as of this writing it’s kind of a sore subject and you might be wondering why we have to kick you while you’re already down. Again we’re sorry, but why not talk it over together, so we can ALL come out better from it? We’re talking about that dirty, filthy, foul, four letter word, that  we know you dread to hear about around your vacation time. R-A-I-N. There, we said it. We can’t control when it happens and we can’t do anything about it. Or can we?

We know as good as the next person, that rain is often a cause for folks to get down when it comes along and that goes two-fold on vacation. That doesn’t mean it’s a complete deal breaker on enjoying oneself however. With every ying comes a yang and we’re the type to turn our frowns upside down when the going gets tough. That’s enough of the cliche’ one liners though, let’s get to the actual solutions.

For those that are NOT familiar with our nearby area, for starters you should look it up. The neat thing is that, although the outdoors and sunshine and wonderful nature that you’ll initially find in your informational search are great and all….they’re not the only thing that’s great about our wonderful Outer Banks. We’re located in the coolest small town in America for goodness sakes! Things like a little drab weather just means that you have to get a little more creative with how you find your enjoyment. Luckily we have a great nearby waterfront, that aside from it’s wonderful food delicacies also has an equally awesome collection of shopping options. From Mom to Dad and the kids and the Grandparents too, Beaufort has everybody covered! We’re not just talking the traditional “vacation” trinket shops either, we have fashion, decor and local historical information as well.

Speaking of history, on the same waterfront location as we mentioned before, are several FUN-U-CATIONAL, (that’s fun and educational together, sorry, but what else would you call it?), opprotunities for you take advantage of while you stay dry. Our maritime museum is great, where you’ll learn aobut our local history on the water, while a block away you can find Beauforts Historical grounds, (3rd oldest town in North Carolina thank you very much), where you can see/learn about how things were during the towns humble beginings. Not to mention one of our areas most infamous former inhabitants, Black Beard the Pirate once had a home just down the street from the Inn! That’s some of our favorite things about this little town we call home, even when Mother Nature is NOT pouring down upon us.

We can go on for days about little things that we love about this town, but that’s not what we were talking about was it? We were trying to find you a distraction from the crummy weather and hopefully we’ve given you a few viable options. At the end of the day, though, our favorite thing about the area, in general, despite any weather conditions you can throw at us, is always going to be the people. If you don’t believe us than step no farther than another rainy day safe-haven that just happens to be even closer than our nearby waterfront, that’s our porch here at the Ann St. Inn. Sometimes all you need to make a great vacation is a nice rocking chair and some good company, and when it comes to good company, we’ve got that covered no matter what the weather conditions are. Stop on by and see for yourself some time, just promise us you’ll leave the rain at home.