It’s no secret at the Ann Street Inn that we’re in business with the hopes that you’ll have an enjoyable and pleasant time during the course of your stay with us. Be it for business, a long weekend or the entirety of your vacation we want you to have such an enjoyable time that, naturally, you’ll come back again to stay with us in the future. That’s just business though. One of the things that sets us apart is that many times we become more than just “a place you stayed on your vacation”, often times we become friends with many of our guests and tend to keep in touch over time and naturally distance. With all of that stated, we want you to have a good time in every aspect of your life, even the moments when you can’t get out of town long enough to visit your favorite friends down in good ol’ Beaufort. So how can you have fun when you don’t have time for a true vacation, but do have an extra moment or two for a quick: Staycation ?

Vacations are great and all, but we understand that normally they’re going to be limited to special occasions; once or twice a year if you’re lucky and usually are extensively planned, not to mention, probably, a little on the expensive side. So you’ve got the time off, but not the time or money for a big trip? That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it just the same!

We don’t think we need to explain what a Staycation is but maybe you need a little help in the execution of one. Let’s start by turning off our electronic devices. Turn off your phone’s ringer, don’t even think about turning that computer on and why not try to just stay away from television while you’re at it. We know it’s easier said than done and there’s always emergency situations so maybe complete elimination isn’t feasible but maybe just limit their time to a quick “emergency check” after dinner. The goal is to mentally check out of the things that take up so much of our normal daily routines so you can focus on you for a moment. It’s going to help eliminate some of the stress that seems like such a natural part of so many of our lives and many times you don’t know how serious it’s gotten until you’ve taken the proper lengths to rid yourself of those demons.

Make the time for just YOU for a change. Skip the news, skip the emails and maybe treat yourself to a movie or just  a nice leisurely walk.  It doesn’t seem like much but just physically checking out can give those mental batteries the much needed chance to recharge. Trust us when we say that you are always welcome in Beaufort and at the Ann St Inn, but we know you can’t always afford that kind of time away. So when you can’t be here physically, find a nice quiet space near your own home and just close your eyes. We’re only as far as your imagination…or you could forget all that and just come see us for real, we like that route too.