Most folks feel like they already know they’re significant other. Whether you’ve been together for awhile or just started dating, if you’re together at all it’s because you like what you know about that person. That in mind, we’ve seen almost every combination of the aforementioned over the years and we do know vacations can bring to life an entirely different side of an individual. Let’s take a minute to look at how each person can effect the situation we call a Vacationship.

Under normal circumstances a relationship is much different at home than away. Whether you live together or not, couples will each have their own time. At school, at work or even just in the other room people have the time to do their own thing without the constant presence of the other person. Vacations on the other hand, may have their moments, but the majority of that time is usually going to be spent with the other person by nature if not by choice. You share a room, and (unless you opt for a space like here at Ann St Inn), there’s not going to be much, if any, additional space to even choose from other than that. Maybe a hotel lobby or pool area if you’re lucky but that’s usually it. So you’re going to want your patience to be a little longer than maybe it normally would, because you’re going to be together. A lot. Many times because things are so much different than home is what brings these negatives to light. Be it anxiety, difference of opinion or whatever the case may be…being aware of any of this at all can help you better prepare and adapt.

Safe bets to make sure your time together and away works out for you both can be by remembering a few things. When thinking of places to visit try to pick somewhere fresh where neither party can, even accidentally, take the lead. Let yourselves have the joy of a new experience together. It makes for better memories and also avoids one of the two of you accidentally taking the reins because they’ve “done it all” or “seen it all” before. Something else to keep in mind is any financial concerns a trip may bring up. It’s easy to spend more than you planned before a trip as shopping along the way adds up, or some extra activities that you didn’t know to plan for or any other thing pops up unexpectedly. If things are tight for or you disagree how money is being spent, bringing up that concern sooner rather than later is usually going to be the safer bet. It lets you figure out what’s important to you both from that moment forward in the trip as well as giving each individual a voice in that battle that can keep the peace over doing it another way.

Overall, time together with a special someone has the potential to go either way when it comes to a vacation and no one ever plans to not have a good time. Many times compromise is the magic word and can save a ton of heartache during the course of your stay. So remember that it takes two to tango and you’re going to want to make the effort for you both to have an enjoyable time in order for you to enjoy the stay yourself. We can’t cast a magic spell to guarantee you’ll have the time of your lives, but we know if you do it with us at the Ann Street Inn we can at least say you’re on the right track.