We may have misled you a bit with that title. We don’t have some magic answer that’s the perfect recipe to always keeping yourself out of the doghouse. However, like any good recipe we do have the knowledge of a few ingredients that sure don’t hurt matters. So let’s share our spin on what works in our experiences, and we’ll see which ones you may be lacking in your relationship kitchen.

According to certain studies, couples that spend time traveling together report having more romance in their relationship. Traveling is an experience like no other, in the sense, that there are few situations to compare it to. Imagine, never having been to a destination before, you don’t know the lay of the land, which restaurants are best or even where to begin in finding all of this out for yourself. It’s natural for couples to rely on one another to make it through the simplest of questions together and see them through to the other side. This simple act of teamwork is the beginning of the romance, by naturally bringing one another closer through the journey itself. So simply making the time to get away together, both trips near and far as well as long and short, can all put you on a path of happiness with your significant other before you know it.

Speaking of the trips themselves, time and distance isn’t always as big of a factor as many would seem to believe. It doesn’t always take the getaway that’s farthest away from home or lasts the longest to always be the most enjoyable. With time in a relationship comes less time actually spent together when, oftentimes, kids or work can easily be factored in as well. This makes long, far away, trips more difficult and harder to come by. A short, nearby, visit to neighboring areas can often be the answer to just that type of situation. Visit a nearby town, that maybe because of it’s location has possibly been an afterthought previously. Remember, it’s the trip itself not the illusion of grandeur that makes a getaway enjoyable.

These are just a few suggestions to consider, when there is always more we could account for as to how a relationship can be improved upon. With the idea of a “getaway” in this equation, however, really just making the time to make it happen is what’s needed. When things are not necessarily going as smooth as one could hope, maybe you can hold off on running to the store in the attempt to purchase happiness and instead opt for value in the memory department instead. Make even the smallest and shortest of adventures an enjoyment to cherish and you’ll be in each others arms reminiscing over your stories in no time.