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Like most working people, most of us don’t need an excuse to take a vacation, but finding the time and money is usually the big hassle when trying to get out of town for a moment. When it comes to the relationship between you and your significant other it may be wise to MAKE the time, however, and allow yourselves BOTH some time to forget about the regular worries of day to day life. Even if you’re relationship is already doing well, the time away together could possibly be the key to keeping things that way.

Some of this may go without saying, but often times with many of us, we simply get caught up in the routine of everyday life. We wake up, we go to work, we come home and go to bed waiting to start the same old routine all over again. Just the act of changing your surroundings, even for a moment, the way you do with a vacation can be beneficial to your mental health, (individually and as a couple). The change in a routine, more specifically the surroundings, will easily change your mood to the positive. As a couple you’ll feel closer with this positivity because you’re more connected as a unit, since together you’re the only part of your day to day interactions that is still the same while on vacation. This happiness together while away from home will help you bring that same positivity back after the time away is over.

When you’re going through the motions of that aforementioned routine, it’s easy to forget the other person in your life’s needs, more importantly the need for playtime together. You come home and focus on your own fantasy sports league, or on that new scrapbooking project you’ve been working on, or insert whatever personal hobby you find enjoyable for yourself. These activities are a good thing for all of us to have but are very personal by nature and make it easy to forget to do enjoyable stuff together from time to time. A vacation is a chance for you both to do something enjoyable, but unlike your personal hobby’s at home, the focus is on your fellowship together rather than individually. The light-hearted nature of the activity will help you to not only get some much needed relaxation but also make memories both of you will cherish.

No matter the current length of a relationship, couples should always strive to grow. Vacations are the rare chance for two individuals to do that at the exact same pace. Unlike at home, where personal goals at work or personal hobbies can get in the way, vacation is a chance to get away from the routine grind and an opportunity for couples to recharge. A getaway, no matter the length or destination, is an opportunity to spread your wings as a couple and maybe shake the dust off your normal day to day routine. Making the effort and making the most of those opportunities is only half the battle.